3 Year Old Kindergarten


Our 3 year old kindergarten program will provide your child with the opportunity to be part of a focused learning environment. Your child will begin to engage in targeted sessions that will work towards preparation for 4 year old kindergarten and school.

What can I expect from the 3 year old kindergarten program?

Your child will part of the kindergarten room and will be encouraged to contribute and participate in the kindergarten room routine and learning activities. Your child will learn to:

  • belong to a larger group of children and interact positively with peers and educators
  • share with others – resources, spaces, ideas
  • follow instructions and complete small tasks
  • follow a basic routine
  • begin to develop their focus and concentration
  • become more independent and build on their self-help skills
  • develop self-regulation of their behaviour and emotions
  • expand their language and expression
  • build on their gross and fine motor skill development
  • participate in targeted sessions that further develop literacy and numeracy skills
  • work towards independent toileting (if necessary)


Benefits of the Dewdrops 3 year old kindergarten program

Our 3 year old kindergarten program and 4 year old kindergarten program are run side by side. This set-up offers 3 year old children many benefits, such as:

  • participating in learning activities alongside the 4 year old group, which are adapted to be developmentally appropriate for the 3 year old group
  • 4 year old group will role model appropriate behaviours, interactions and routines within the kindergarten room
  • exposure to advanced skill development and learning activities undertaken by the 4 year old group, including the beginnings of school readiness
  • ability to tailor the program to meet your child’s developmental needs, whether that is through more support or more advanced learning opportunities


You can learn more about our learning programs here and our 4 year old kindergarten program here.