Dewdrops Reservoir – ACECQA Exceeding Expectations

We are proud to announce our Reservoir service received ‘Exceeding Expectations’ in the National Quality Standard Assessment and Rating process.

Thank you to all of our educators for all their commitment and hard work throughout this process. It was a great opportunity to remind ourselves of the valuable work we undertake with children and families each day.

Thank you to our children and families who attend our service and supported our team through this process, your encouragement and feedback is what makes our service unique.

Some of the feedback from our assessor is noted below:

  • The program was organised in ways that maximised each child’s engagement and involvement with learning. Routines across the service were flexible and responsive to children’s needs and educators used these times to build relationships with children.
  • Children were provided with opportunities to make choices and decisions that influence their world. 
  • The service offered a rotating menu that provided the children with regular meals that were in line with recognised Australian nutrition guidelines. Children were offered opportunities to explore healthy eating and good nutrition through experiences embedded within the daily program. 
  • Educators and staff members embedded the consideration of children’s health, safety and wellbeing in their daily practices. 
  • Environments across the service were organised and designed appropriately to engage children in built and natural experiences. 
  • Children were encouraged to explore, create and problem solve by interacting with environments, materials and resources across the service. 
  • The service embedded and promoted sustainable practices in service operations and the everyday program.
  • Educators consistently demonstrated equity, respect and recognition of each other’s skills and strengths. 
  • Children and educators consistently demonstrated genuine, close relationships that supported the acquisition of skills for life and learning. 
  • The service established a genuine culture of acceptance and inclusion of all children and each child was consistently included in the program and displayed confidence and security within the environment. 
  • Families were encouraged to contribute to the service in ways that were appropriate and meaningful to them and their particular contexts. 
  • Families were offered a range of opportunities to be actively involved in the service decision making. 
  • The service engaged with the local community and had established effective relationships with local organisations. 

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