Frequently Asked Questions

Why chose Dewdrops Early Learning?

We are an organisation with a strong commitment to children and a passion for early childhood education. We offer an environment where children feel safe, loved and supported in their learning and development. We focus on developing children’s dispositions for learning to encourage their natural tendencies and promote confidence that supports further learning.

Our educators have a genuine love for children and we see this consistently in their interactions and relationships with them. We recognise and support the diversity of children and families, and consistently work towards an inclusive environment for all children.

How do I know the environment is safe?

Our educators and management consistently work towards monitoring the environment to offer opportunities for safe play with an emphasis on teaching children about managing risk and taking care of themselves. We have systems in place for regular safety checks and a capital maintenance program to manage the physical environment.

Our educators are all trained in senior level first aid, CPR, asthma management, anaphylaxis management and food safety.

What will my child learn?

Our educators plan the curriculum for children based on their individual needs and interests. This includes undertaking ongoing assessments and planning for children’s development with consideration to their strengths and areas for growth. The program is documented in children’s individual portfolios and in the respective children’s rooms. We welcome parent involvement to further support children’s learning and develop the program in partnership with our educators.

How do I organise a tour and information session at Dewdrops Early Learning?

Parents can contact the services directly to book in a tour. We will have the opportunity to walk through the service and answer any questions you may have, including the availability of places and the enrolment process. For details of our services and contact details, please click here.

What are the service operating hours?

All of our services are open from 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday, excluding Victorian and national public holidays.

What happens when my child is absent from care?

All attendances and absences are charged at the same rate, including public holidays and absences due to illness or scheduled holidays. Centrelink provides child care benefit and child care rebate where applicable up to 42 days per year of absences including public holidays. In the event that your child is absent for more than 42 days due to chronic illness, Centrelink will accept additional absences with a medical certificate.

How do I place my child on the waiting list?

Parents will be provided with a waiting list form to complete for their interest in our waiting list upon visiting their preferred service. While we do take inquiries via phone, email and website, waiting list applications can only be done in person.

What is included in the daily fee?

Our daily fee includes meals and consumables including nappies except baby formula and specialised dietary requirements. It also includes the program offered to the children including all incursions and the Kindergarten Program.

How can parents be involved in our Dewdrops Community?

We welcome the involvement of parents and families in the program, and offer opportunities for visits and involvement throughout the day. We have many events throughout the year where parents and families can join in the celebrations of children’s achievements. As an organisation, we are proud of our community involvement and value parent and family involvement in our fundraising efforts to support children’s charities.

How can you support my child with allergies?

All of our educators have training in anaphylaxis and asthma management, so we are always aware of the likely impact of food allergies. Our catering staff prepare alternative meals for children with allergies and all educators monitor children in their consumption of all meals.

What happens during orientation?

Once a booking has been confirmed, we will schedule two orientation sessions for you to visit the service with your child to begin the settling in process. Orientations are normally scheduled between 9.30am and 10.30am as this time provides an opportunity for parents to see the program and for children to participate in a typical morning. We encourage parents to leave children in their rooms to begin their relationship with their peers and educators. Parents will be provided with enrolment forms to complete and will have an opportunity to ask any questions about their child’s attendance. Parents are more than welcome to have fewer or more orientations depending on their needs and these will be scheduled as required.

What do I need to bring along for my child?

It is helpful to have the following items in your child’s bag when they attend the service:

  • Change of clothing including socks and shoes
  • Hat or beanie
  • Bottle (milk bottle and/or water bottle)
  • Coat for the winter months
  • Any toys or comfort items that help to settle your child