Children’s Nutrition & Menu

Nutrition is important for the growth and development of children and for their health throughout life. Our menus are meticulously planned, while our meals are prepared daily in our own kitchens by our catering staff who share a love of cooking, extensive experience in the food industry and a genuine commitment to the health and wellbeing of children.

We believe that the atmosphere during mealtimes and the attitude of educators are just as important as the food itself, in the development of healthy eating practices. Our educators share mealtimes with children and use the opportunity to promote healthy eating, an understanding of good nutrition and positive attitudes to food through conversation and positive role modelling.

We practice progressive mealtimes to promote children’s learning around making choices and self-regulating to promote mindful eating practices. Children are invited to eat at their leisure within scheduled times allowing them to finish their work and continue to play, until they feel hungry enough to eat. Progressive meal times are generally offered at morning and afternoon tea time, with lunch an opportunity for the larger group to come together.

We offer a healthy and well-balanced nutritious menu for all our children with consideration to dietary restrictions including anaphylaxis and allergies, cultural beliefs and lifestyle choices. Our menu is on display in the foyer of each service and is regularly rotated to ensure variety. It is based on the Eat for Health Australian Dietary Guidelines published by the National Health and Medical Research Council.

Click here for our sample menu.