Privacy & Confidentiality

In order to provide a high standard of care as well as meet our statutory obligations, we need to collect information about enrolled children and their families. We use the following principles to guide the collection and use of this information:

  • The information collected will be used to facilitate the operation and delivery of the education and care service;
  • The information collected will not be disclosed to anyone not associated with the education and care of the child without the express consent of the legal guardian and then only used or disclosed for the service’s primary purpose unless otherwise directed by a specified lawful authority;
  • Reasonable steps will be taken to ensure the information collected is accurate and complete;
  • The personal information collected is securely held and protected from misuse or toss and from unauthorised access or disclosure;
  • The information can be accessed by the legal guardian at any time, however, there may be a fee levied to cover the cost associated with the processing of this request; and
  • Should the occasion arise, unless there is a good practical or legal reason to require identification, information can be provided without personal disclosure.