About Us

Dewdrops Early Learning is an organisation with a strong commitment to children and a passion for early childhood education. We seek to “ignite the desire to learn” within children, families and communities through ongoing professional learning and best practice.

We acknowledge children as lifelong learners and seek to inspire them in their journey by teaching dispositions for learning. Dispositions are frequent and voluntary habits of thinking and doing, and include curiosity, investigation, cooperation, communication and persistence. When teaching children these skills, educators prepare them for managing life. The content becomes secondary to the desire to learn, achieve and succeed.

Dewdrops Early Learning acknowledges families and the community as partners in children’s learning, and seek their involvement in extending learning. Our commitment to ignite this desire to learn in families by sharing our knowledge of early childhood practice with parents, who can then support their children’s lifelong journey. Sharing information, working collaboratively toward a common goal and celebrating achievements all create fulfilment and joy for children and their families, for which we are all proud.

As educators, we share a love for learning and a genuine commitment to developing our professional practice. We seek opportunities to actively reflect on our work with children and families and consider ways to maximise the learning opportunities offered through our curriculum.