Our Team

The team at Dewdrops Early Learning includes qualified early childhood professionals and assistants who work jointly to deliver programs across our centres in accordance with current practices.

They are carefully selected to provide expert care and understanding of children's needs, and readily accept the challenge for ongoing learning and development. Together, we recognise the value of further qualifications, professional training and regular staff discussions on the quality of care offered to children and their families.

What makes us different?

  • As an organisation, we are committed to employing qualified and experienced educators with a passion for early childhood teaching.
  • We have thorough selection and recruitment processes which support the employment of quality educators with skills, knowledge and a professional attitude which parents and children welcome across our services.
  • We offer a higher educator to child ratios to promote quality interactions with children and individualised attention to learning and development.
  • We offer many opportunities for discussions with families on children’s progress and we value the participation of families in our program to enrich children’s learning.
  • As an organisation we promote a learning culture and support professional development among our team to achieve best industry practice.
  • We have a high level of qualification with all educators at Diploma level or actively working toward this qualification. Our commitment to early childhood education is reflected in our aim to have all of our educators Diploma qualified as the minimum qualification across all of our services.
  • We support continuity of care through engaging our educators across services to minimise the impact on children and families to cover absences as an alternative to agency staffing.
  • We have early childhood teachers at each of our services developing and delivering kindergarten programs with the guidance of an experienced educational leader and management team. As a team, they support the development of a quality curriculum to meet the needs and interests of all children.
  • Our cooks provide delicious home-style meals which children and families love as they provide a unique connection to home.