Dewdrops Urban Kinder

Dewdrops Urban Kinder is a new and innovative kindergarten program, designed and developed my Dewdrops Early Learning kindergarten teachers.

Our children are surrounded by busy roads, large shopping areas, rich cultures, art, and so much more. Their lives are shaped by dynamic communities and fast-paced environments. Dewdrops Urban Kinder embraces this urban environment, and arms children with critical life-skills and behaviours, to navigate their way through an urban setting and prepare them for school.

Children will participate in specialised classroom activities, and in real-world experiences through excursions in our community.

The program will focus on 5 key areas of learning:
  1. Road safety and navigation
  2. Money management and banking
  3. Shopping, food sources and allergens
  4. Art, culture and diversity
  5. Getting active in an urban environment

Dewdrops Urban Kinder will run at Dewdrops Moreland throughout term 2, and we can’t wait to see how much the children learn. You can learn more about our kindergarten programs, here.

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