We use the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) to underpin our learning philosophy and play-based curriculum. Play offers children many opportunities including positive attitudes of self-motivation and self-direction; self-confidence; cooperation and group values; curiosity, persistence and concentration; and language and numeracy.

Research shows that offering children the opportunity for long uninterrupted play will create a brain that has increased flexibility and improved potential for learning later in life. In order to support this, our program offers opportunities for an emergent curriculum and educator-facilitated learning underpinned by flexible routines that meet the needs of children and families.

When attending Dewdrops Early Learning your child is not only cared for in a safe and supportive environment; they are being educated by our team of qualified and experienced early childhood educators. The acquisition of each developmental milestone is supported and nurtured in a positive play based environment by our team of professionals who extend and build on each accomplishment.

We offer a flexible indoor and outdoor program where children are able to learn, create and succeed in the environment of their choice. As educators, we are firm believers that all weather is good weather for outdoor exploration, and we support children in their understanding and resilience in managing outdoor play environments. The wet weather offers new smells and experiences as well as challenges that the dry summer does not; together we work to prepare children and enjoy a great program while outdoors where they use their imagination to play and explore their environment.

Each child has their own Individual Reflections folder. Their individual learning is assessed and planned for future development, and along with this their social connections slowly unfold through learning that is achieved as part of their group of peers. This documentation offers parents and educators the opportunity to monitor, and map a child’s learning and to best offer experiences based on their current abilities and interests but also to create opportunities where the child can extend beyond their comfort zone and learn or build on a skill already developed.